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Claire Standish is The Princess who decided to ditch class by going shopping at the mall. Claire is labeled as the princess of the group. She is beautiful, rich and possibly the most popular girl at school which makes people assume that her life is perfect.

In reality, Claire's parents are on the verge of a divorce and use her as a way to get back at each other. It is evident that Claire feels the need to escape her life since she longs to stay with her brother instead of with her parents. She also wishes she was on a plane to France. When Andrew questioned if they were going to be like their parents, Claire immediately said "not me", indicating that she doesn't wish to follow in her parents' footsteps.

It may be noted that unlike Andrew and Brian, Claire never doubted John when he told the group about his abusive parents, possibly because Claire herself has first hand experience of what its like to be not taken seriously in the same regard. Since Claire is seen as a princess, the group constantly assumes that she is bitchy, shallow and materialistic.

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The Breakfast Club - Official Trailer


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